Baseball Game Rules

Baseball is also known as MLB in the United States.
Baseball game has 9 games, Baseball probably divided into two modes.
1. One is that the pitcher has a strike 2. There is a DH so the pitcher has no strike (DH is a designated strike without a defense)
When there are strikers in the pitchers, there are only 9 people When there is not blow, it is 10 people
There are 9 people on the field
1. Pitcher 2. Catcher 3. First Baseman 4. Second Baseman 5. Third Baseman 6. Shortstop 7. Left Fielder 8. Centerer 9. Right Fielder
After three good shots, the hitters will be out of bounds with a good one. If there are two good shots, then the kick out is not a 3-out kick. The bad beats in the out-of-limits will be a strikeout. Four bad shots will be sent on the base. One good shot.
The pitcher throws the ball to the hitter (the clothes are cut even if they are counted) The hitter is sent directly to the base (there is a good shot when there is a swing)
If the ball hits the hitter’s head (including the helmet), the pitcher must end.


The ball was received by the wild hand directly to kill.
If the ball has landed, it will be assassinated or touched. (Forcing the invasion will only work if the assassination touches) (If you haven’t forced it, you must touch it)
A game requires three players to go out for another attack.
The Batters have 9 rounds in the first round. If they hit the home run and hit the home run, then the baserunners and hitters can return to the home run.
The hitting can allow the hitter to take the base. The above is the rule of the attacker.
This is probably the case. There are other rare special conditions and very detailed rules that can be viewed on the website:
But… I just said a little straight! Basically, the arm of girls is still better than boys, unless you have to double the practice! Because the arm is a little natural!

Softball rules

The offensive and defensive options are decided by coin tosses. The official game is seven games.
Pitchers pitching must be cast. The ball needs to be lower than the waist. The good ball is larger than the baseball, between the lowest point of the knee of the percussionist and the highest point of the shoulder (it must still be in the space above the home plate).
At the time of the competition, there were nine players on each side. Only when the ball is dead can the player be replaced, and the player who is replaced in the field cannot be put on the field again.
There are seven games in a game, and the score is calculated after seven games to determine the outcome. If the tie is extended to the ninth set, those who score first in the “breakthrough stalemate system” will win; after five games, if the difference is more than seven points, the game will end.


If the guards score more points than the attacking team in the first half of the seventh game or before the third half of the final game, they do not need to complete the seventh game.
In the seventh game of the official game, the game must be continued after the equalization, until the score is higher in the same game.
If it is not possible to win the game before the 9th round, the “breakthrough stalemate” rule is used in the tenth game. The so-called “breakthrough of the stalemate system” starts from the tenth game. The attacking team strikes the last one in the ninth inning. The player starts the second base runner for this game.”